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What to say? Today was a rough one.
I feel like a lot of big things are happening in people's lives right now.. my own included..
All this change is exciting and stressful.
Good luck to us all!

There were more maggots today. I am 98% done. One more maggot (apparently each maggot is 2% of doneness?) and I am packing up my shit and leaving. It will take me close to a month to pack all my shit.. so I should have plenty of time to find a nice street corner to live on.

I had hoped more people were NaBloPoMoing. My f-list reading has been a skoach light the past few months.
It's fine, you have lives, you are busy living them.. but if you could, just every once in while, post a little sum'n sum'n for those of us who hide in our rooms from wriggling larvae??? That would be super, thankssomuchm'kaysmooches!

If you are still reading at this points, congrats to you!
The sleeping an extra hour has kind of messed up my world. I don't like all this clock hoppin'.

Ugh, what a waste of an entry.
Better luck next time, I suppose.

2008-11-03 02:49 (UTC)
by [identity profile]
This maggot situation is...

I hope you can get yourself out of there, and soon.


2008-11-03 05:07 (UTC)
by [identity profile]
Linda, I'm so sorry you're having to deal with ICKY maggots! I am not nablopoing cause i actually didnt know about it until after I commited to NaNoWriMo for the first time ever. I'm also on Facebook a lot more than here.... that's both a sad commentary on my life and on, um... something else that's sad.

I really like reading your entries (as always) and I'll try not to be suck a lurky-loo this month :)

Oh, and you're still totally welcome to come stay up here anytime! My housemates cook AND do the dishes. We'd love to have you!

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