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This Quantum of Solace flu will not go away.
I was off work yesterday and basically out of commission all weekend. That is some baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad movie juju.

Senior M is back up front in the office, and that is good times. Other seating arrangements have changed as well, the times there are less good. I can only hope this Bond Villan of an illness seeps through my cube divider and claims another victim.

My sister never returns my phone calls. Never. It is irritating. My last call was just asking what she and the hubby wanted for the holidays... so it's not urgent, but call back, yo. CALL BACK. Sheesh. I sometimes think that if my Mom passes away, which I hope she never does, that my sister and my family will lose touch forever. She has always adopted the family of whatever dude she was with. And this family of his is a dooooooozy. I don't think he even wants anything to do with them, so why she would is a mystery.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHH, just the sight of that annoying girl in my office irritates the beeejeeezus out of me. She just stomped by all sneering over the top of her glasses... it was all I could do not to throw an alien head or a toucan at her!!!!
Upon re-reading, that sentence was an odd one.. but if you worked in my department, you'd get it.

My head is swimmy, and people keep questioning me today about things that seem super obvious to me. That makes me doubt my reasoning.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, she walked by again. You guys, seriously, I am going to have to school her about something.

*time passes*

And, by being helpful, I just ruined her day.

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