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Why must stage blood be peppermint flavoured? Stage blood is an icky consistency, and it smells a little sweet and it looks like blood.. these are enough senses touched by a single substance.. why must we add taste in?!?

It reminds me of my junior high science teacher who tried to mask the smell of formaldehyde in our earthworm dissection by using almond extract. Cutting open a rubbery, preserved earthworm and having a little almond scented juice squirt out was enough to put me off lunch, science and Scott Boner (the unfortunately named crush of my middle school years) for months. I associated that awful almond/formaldehyde combo smell with all things icky.. until I got my first taste of peppermint stage blood. Gah, my icky smell/image combo was revised. I think the only way it could have been worse is if it had oozed out of an earthworm....

The awful girl at work is apparently a theatre person. WELL SURPRISE, SURPRISE. Theatre people are NEVER annoying or high maintenance! Oooh, maybe we'll get to work together sometime on a show.. that would be super!!!! I really shouldn't tempt fate like that. I know better...

Yesterday I met with a priest in my hometown. It was so strange. Nothing about the actual meeting was that strange.. but the place was. I basically grew up in that church. The room we were in used to be the TV room. Kids could come over and hang out and watch some TV with the priests and nuns and have some snacks... and this was before stories like that were punch lines for sitcoms. It was normal in my world. I don't think I've been in that building for 20 years or so.

Going back there as an adult with an appointment was so strange. I don't know this priest well. That was also strange. The priests of my youth and I were on a first name basis.
It was like going back to an old house you've lived in to find someone has re-arranged all the furniture. Aside from the strangeness of the place, the meeting was good.

I have a meeting with a Rabbi next week. I really should write a book about my life sometime. It isn't that my life is particularly fascinating, it's just... eventful.
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