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I think the only good thing to come of Twatlight is that it has irked many of my clever friends.
When irked, these friends tend to write hilarious parodies and snarky criticisms which are keeping me wildly entertained. I personally can't get past the "sparkling" (or is it "dazzling"?) long enough to read or see anything Twilight. I am sure I am missing much of the more detailed jokes because of my Twilight-Ignorance.. but I'll soldier on blissfully unaware.

On Facebook, I have a friend from high school who has morphed from a shy hippie type into a gun-toting, bumperstickered truck drivin', proud to be American Twilight Mom. I have no idea why people like to put themselves in boxes like that, but those are all things she has labeled herself as. I didn't even know about the Twilight Moms until recently.. and now, they are cropping up everywhere. It's like once you see them, you can never unsee them.

I haven't ventured out in the world yet today, so there isn't much to report. I suspect lunch will be involved at some point. Something warm sounds appealing at the moment. I will probably spend the next 20 minutes trying to decide what kind of warm food I want. If the world's survival relied on my making a decision about where to eat, we'd be cumulatively screwed. it's not that I am picky, I am just too open to anything. So many things sound delicious, and I can't narrow it down without feeling like I am missing something better.
The decision is slightly easier when I am by myself because there are lots of sit down restaurants that I don't like being by myself in. I don't worry about people staring, or feel like a loser, I don't need a book... I just feel rushed by taking up a 'whole table' to myself and I also tend to worry that I have food on my face and nobody to tell me. Also, I LOVE TO TALK..
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