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When you've done nothing but eat, watch TV and play games for a day and a(n) half, you don't have much to say...

My cat is insane. Nuts. Bonkers. Mad.
He was running from back yard to bedroom window screeching (really, I've never heard a cat do this before) and hissing. We stopped him twice and did a full body check to see if he was in some sort of physical distress, but found nothing. He's stopped now and is mewing forlornly at the back door.

Did he miss his big chance of catching a flock of broken winged birds? Limping lizards? Low flying bugs? We may never know.

I have a show tonight. If anyone wants to see this thing, let me know. I have some comps. It's a good show, just not the MOST fabulous thing ever. I saw it 5 times before I got sick of it.. that's good for me when it comes to straight plays.

I have found a flaw in my Christmas wishlist given to my family. I asked for like 15 books. I HAVE NOWHERE TO PUT THEM. I love books and keep the good ones and sell the meh ones, but really.. I have no more room. Guess I will clean out my room. (Yes Shane, including that 'area by the bin' that made you question your love for me.)

Oooh, apparently my Mom lives next door to a burgeoning drummer. Swell. The problem with living by the drummer of a terrible band is that the other members usually come to him. So you get the 'full experience' of their 'early work'. Except in my house, where everyone brings drums over on a Thurs or Sun night. AWESOME. They even use a mic to sing at my house, which is ridiculous because my living room is the size of a postage stamp and really, you don't need any amplification.

Moving in April, I am.
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