1 November 2008

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I'm doing NaBloPoMo!

So far, it's not fun at all!


Last night I went into the kitchen to make myself some dinner. I barely use our kitchen, and I may never use it again...

I walked over to the counter, moved the three dishrags on the counter, swept some rice off the counter and into the sink.. rinsed the dishes in the sink.. noticed the rice was wiggling.. shrieked.. noticed the sink was wriggling... gagged...
bleached the entire counter, the sink, the floor, my shoe (when I saw what was on the bottom of it) and threw everything in the dishwater on scald.

I then cleaned the walls (also wriggling) and threw away about a pound of meat that was left to rot in the drain. I turned on the faucet, turned on the garbage disposal, took out the trash, took a shower and tried to pretend that I had not just seen nearly one side of my kitchen covered in maggots.

I can't stand how icky this house is. I can't believe I live here. Is the cheap rent worth it?

On the opposite side of the spectrum was the house I went to today. My friends have just bought a house in Novato. It is beautiful! Today was a combo housewarming and baby shower party.
They laid some beautiful tile in the back room and painted the walls and put their touch on the place. It feels like a real home the minute you walk in. On top of that, my friend and her sister (7 and 9 months pregnant respectively) prepared Jumbalaya, chicken wings, pumpkin spice cupcakes, coleslaw, fruit salads aaaaaand amazing antipasta for 100 people. They also made favors for each of us to take home.

I used to have a home I could bring people over to visit in. I used to have a small apartment, but it was mine and I was not ashamed of it.

I think I've made my decision.

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