6 November 2008

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There is a blinky light over my desk at work. It is one of the more irritating things I've ever experienced. For Reals.

I am off to see The Enchanted at Foothill tonight. It's a free preview, and if it's anything like free previews of fall shows I've been in.. it's gonna be a hot mess. Perfect. Us theatrical types love to see things fall apart during tech week, so long as we don't have to fix it.

Apparently, the IMDB poll for yesterday was 'Should Joaquin do movies, music or both?". A month ago, I'd be all DO IT ALL! Now I think he should stick to writing on his hands in Sharpie, cause he's the bestest at it. Shit!Dumb

It is cold and a little dark (save blinky) in here and it's also very spacious. This makes me want to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I might actually be more comfortable here than at home. The only problem is the metal roof that amplifies all sounds to deafening. Crows walking around up there sound like something from a zombie movie. All bangs and slow thuds and scratching of claws on tin. Though, I suppose if the roof caves in, I can make a pretty speedy getaway on the sweet pink mountain bike hanging above my head.

That is, if it doesn't decapitate me when it falls.. and if somebody thought to fill the tires before stringing it up with aircraft cable.

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