12 November 2008

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You know what is not cool?

Waking up from a restful 5 minutes of sleep in a panic because you realize it's nearly midnight and your NaBloPoMo effort is about to turn into a pumpkin because you forgot to post anything to it today!

Man, I don't know if it's my competitive nature (um, it isn't) or my OCD tendencies (um, it might be) or the fact that I Love having a routine (um, that's the winner), but I couldn't just say screw it... I had to get out the lappy and post this drivel just so's I wouldn't miss a day. Even though I haven't managed to post anything of quality... and even though I don't plan to spell check this entry, and so it's probably gonna be a mess.

I am meeting a friend for breakfast before work tomorrow.
That is ridiculous.

I am meeting a friend after work to see a show.
That is more like it!

I hope to goodness that it isn't all warm and cozy and that things don't get so artsy that I snore right through Act II. I love Mary Zimmerman, but Athena won't be screaming her lungs out in this play, so I might take a snoozy after all that early breakfasting.

May is going to be awesome!

I have taken a 'holiday' job working backstage on a show at one of my old (and most fave) haunts. It was good to be there tonight for a run-through. Community theatre is the bestest for having so many days off! You get Monday.. AND Tuesday and Wednesday. You do one show a day (usually). Only Operas have a better schedule.

My co-worker at day job has decided that I need my own cable access show where I just tell stories and throw in fun animal facts. This came about after I was explaining my chicken filled childhood and complaining that Dora the Explora's cousin Diego was teaching kids all kinds of falsehoods about bears. He was calling Spectacled bears "Spec-tackled" bears.. sounding like Spectacular. Actually they are "Spec-tuh-culled" bears, like Spectacles.. because they look like they are wearing eyeglasses. They have gold rings around their eyes.
I realize this misinformation won't keep a kid down in life, but c'mon. Educational TV should at least try a little for accuracy, no?

My roommate is downstairs watching Get Smart and thinking it is the funniest thing ever. She's also listening to Britney. That would be fine, but she's on the interwebs telling people how she loves foreign films and jazz. It's ridiculous.
I just couldn't be bothered to lie about myself so as to appear more 'cultured'.
Then what happens when all you want to do is go home and watch some shitty comedy, but you feel you have to rent something that requires reading subtitles?


Be yourself. Be all that you can be. Just do it. Just say no. Do you love it? I got it at Ross.


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