19 November 2008

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There were seventy billion cops on the road today. I noticed all of them because my car's new registration tags aren't on yet. I actually dodged one of them before he could get behind me. It was a motorcycle cop.. a copcicle, if you will.. and we got all Streets of San Francisco with each other.

I gunned it up a hill (small dip in the road), made a quick right to avoid him (after waiting the obligatory 3 seconds in a full stop) and sped (1 mile over the speed limit) into the Jack in the Box drive-thru lane to avoid detection (and get an orange juice).

I noticed him hiding out in the adjacent abandoned lot (motel parking lot), but snuck by before he could notice me (he was adjusting his pants and boot). Take that copper! You'll never catch me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Unless you actually try, in which case I'll pull right over and probably cry.)

My job is hard. It's the kind of job that entails lots of decision making and being second guessed and generally having to defend and explain your actions. Today, it was too much. I broke into tears at my desk and my co-workers understood completely. They've been there. Like I said, it's a hard job and even though they are the ones who made it hard today.. it's not their fault, it's just the job.

I miss Shane and I need a hug.
And a cat.
And a black & white cookie.

Maybe next year?

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