22 November 2008

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Oh man. I don't think I've ever mentioned that when we were in NY, Shane purchased the most adorable Hello Kitty plush toy for me. She is wearing a tux jacket with tails, a top hat and FISHNETS. Also, she is holding an apple that says "I <3 NY" but with the right side up heart... Did I mention the FISHNETS?!!? She's so Fosse Fabulous!

Speaking of fabulous. Is anyone else as much in awe with David Tutera as I am? I always loved his other party planning show, but My Fair Wedding is amazing. Disney dresses, cleaning up of tragic (sorry) brides and WHERE DOES HE FIND THOSE LOCATIONS? A castle in New York? F'reals? He has amazing connections and amazing taste. Also, he is hilarious and doesn't let little things like the bride's opinion get in his way.
I would hire that man in an instant if I could afford him. I would hire him for any event I could.
My new secret dream job is to work for him as an assistant of some sort. I think working for an event planner is right up my alley. Running around with clipboards, problem solving, using phrases like "swags of fabric" and working 12 hour days sounds dreamy to me.
I know. Sick. But it's true.
Honestly, it's not too much different from what I do now as an SM. It's just a lot less rehearsal and a lot more pressure to get things right in one go. Also, it can't possibly pay less. Bring it on new dream job!

I have the TV on the background. According to some man on my TV, there are places in South Memphis that I doan wanna gow. Good to know. South Memphis is now officially off my vacation short list. Also, 5-Loxin has been proven to improve joint comfort within 7 days. FYI. Now you know.

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