30 November 2008

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So long, farewell, etc, etc.

Oh NaBloPoMo, you have really done me in.. Rachel Zoe style. I have come undone, Brad.

I am thankful that I have nice friends who read boring entries and appreciate my forays into the dark underworld of candy sex. At least these friends have pretended to read all this stuff. So, for those who read and those who pretend and mostly for those who comment, THANK YOU.

Currently, I am watching what seems to be a CSI marathon. If Shane were here, he would be asleep by now. Most shows that I enjoy bore him to death.
When we were in NY, there was a CSI:NY marathon on. I was getting all settled in ready to enjoy myself, it felt very thematic and appropriate. Shane pointed out that we could just go OUTSIDE and see all the exact same sights that I was watching on the idiot box. We might even see some criminal action taking place if we were lucky.
I tried to justify staying indoors by explaining that we wouldn't be able to see everything from a helicopter's viewpoint and that there wouldn't be music playing... I totally lost that battle.

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