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I am in a fight pickin', name callin' mood today.

But in a fun way... at least I think it's fun.

I really am in the mood for some holiday shopping. I'd love to be out purchasing gifts and foods and wines, and stuff from the craft store that smells like cinnamon and makes Shane angry. But alas, I am saving my pennies. Maybe next year. Oooooh, maybe next year I'll have a usable kitchen!

Nobody up in this place is doing any work. I am having an email discussion about Chow Mein/Lo Mein/Chow Fun... so obviously, I am not earning my keep either.

I just ate a fortune cookie. My fortune read, "Next full moon brings an enchanted evening." and since I am off to see The Arabian Nights at Berk Rep on Thurs, I think that fortune is spot on!
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Um, I just cooked myself an amazing late lunch with a recipe from I paired it with a delicious wine, and a little sorbet for dessert. Then, I did the dishes and packed myself a lunch for tomorrow!
What now, shall I put on some pearls and vacuum?

*Below is some crazy stuff, skip at will... wine in the afternoon + Linda = whatamess...I am going to leave it as a reminder to myself not to drink so much...

You guys, we have to boycott the movie Australia by Baz Luhrmann. It is sad, but it is true.
Steady yourselVES and carry on!

When I first heard of this movie, I imagined a title made of letters with pictures in. The "A" would have didgeriedoos, the "U" would have a koala, etc.. there would be men with fluoro vests, and hats with corks, and outback landscapes, and dudes saying "That's not a knoife!" and kids using coin purses made from kangaroo ball sacks and various other things that Australian tourist shops make seem like authentic cultural necessities.
There would be an exclamation mark (!) at the end and it would be a fabulous movie full of beauty, truth and love!!

Sadly, the actual title looks more like a bad case of brown 'word art' all arched up and copyright free.. and there is no exclamation mark!

The company that made this movie was horrible to Shane. So even though I love Nicole Kidman, and I adore Hugh Jackman, and I find Mr. Luhrmann fantastic, and I have a serious soft spot for all things Australian, and the CGI looks breathtaking...

Oh man, Shane can't I just sneak in a side door or something and not actually pay to see it?? Wouldn't that count?? Like, I could buy a ticket to "The Boy in Striped Pajamas", or something all above board, but then like sneak down the hall?? I won't like it, I promise../..

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Today is over.
That is the best part of today.

In other news of today, my phone is dead!
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Going to see Flower Drum Song tonight.

Today, work was ridiculous. The weird part was that it didn't get that way until about 30 mins before the end of the day.


I got an email today saying that I am not aloud to 'disparage co-workers or divulge company info on my blog or vlog'.


I did appreciate the email though, because I think Disparage and Divulge would be a great new name for my blog or vlog... Perhaps after this month, I'll change it!
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There is a blinky light over my desk at work. It is one of the more irritating things I've ever experienced. For Reals.

I am off to see The Enchanted at Foothill tonight. It's a free preview, and if it's anything like free previews of fall shows I've been in.. it's gonna be a hot mess. Perfect. Us theatrical types love to see things fall apart during tech week, so long as we don't have to fix it.

Apparently, the IMDB poll for yesterday was 'Should Joaquin do movies, music or both?". A month ago, I'd be all DO IT ALL! Now I think he should stick to writing on his hands in Sharpie, cause he's the bestest at it. Shit!Dumb

It is cold and a little dark (save blinky) in here and it's also very spacious. This makes me want to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I might actually be more comfortable here than at home. The only problem is the metal roof that amplifies all sounds to deafening. Crows walking around up there sound like something from a zombie movie. All bangs and slow thuds and scratching of claws on tin. Though, I suppose if the roof caves in, I can make a pretty speedy getaway on the sweet pink mountain bike hanging above my head.

That is, if it doesn't decapitate me when it falls.. and if somebody thought to fill the tires before stringing it up with aircraft cable.
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An old high school friend just found me on Facebook.
She is very conservative. It is odd to go back and read her status updates prior to the election. I imagine at some point, we'll get to the point of ignoring, or *gasp* de-friending... but for now, it's pretty interesting to see how two people from the same town can choose such different paths.

I feel kind of censored in these public entries. In fact, I haven't been enjoying writing them.. it makes me not want to write any entries at all. I suppose I have always been a little secretive, or even two-faced at my worst, and this putting it all out for the public to see without any control over who or when is out of my comfort zone. And that is the reason I am still doing it five days in. Time to push some boundaries. Big changes are coming, small patches of uncomfortable are good preparation.

A friend reminded me of how PC I am today. He is totally right about it. I am very PC in my speech. But I got the feeling that he felt I was holding something back. I don't think it's true. The way I speak is natural to me; it isn't contrived. My speech and writing are generally passive. (Generally!) It's just how I am. But I do notice that my writing style is different in these public entries. That reflects some effort. The words don't flow like they do when I am writing.

I am not doing NaNoWriMo this year, but I did participate in 2006 and 2007. I came up with the craziest stories, one in particular that sticks with me still. Have you ever written something and been shocked by it? I love that. it doesn't happen to me often.
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Jaime and I once had a discussion in which it was decided that if I were a reality show 'character', I'd be Mary Alice from Ace of Cakes.
(This was back before the short permy 'do she is now rocking.)
I hope that like myself, Mary Alice is able to get away from her phone job and run free throughout the office, or bakery... phone jobs can really get to a person after a while.
I see the poor girl who took over my old job. She's struggling, especially at this time of year. Can't say I miss those times, but honestly, I would help them out in a second if it meant a break from my current seating arrangement. One spends so much time at work. Little things can turn into big things if you aren't careful. Lately, I have been overly irritable. I am waiting for something it seems. I guess I know what it is, but getting restless is pointless. I have no control and no prediction of when anything is going to happen.
If I were more Santa Cruz, I'd go breathe somewhere.. or meditate. But I guess the Peninsula has rubbed off on me enough that I just want to shop.

I am texting Shane with election results as they happen, which is ridiculous, because he is at work.. in a television station.. so he probably already knows everything I am texting. This may explain why he isn't responding. But I feel it is part of my civic duty to keep him informed! And so on I text!

There is a serious chill going through my room. Brrrrrr. I would love to be eating at the Carnegie Deli right now. Touristy as it is, it's dang tasty! All those calories would make a food coma of epic proportions that I'd be happy to indulge in tonight.

*EDIT* I must apologize to any Venus Project supporters who stumbled across my last entry. We tease because we do not understand. And I don't understand you. So I tease. So there. Sorry.
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I came home and the kitchen was clean.
The trash had been taken out.
One of my roommates is vacuuming right now.

Either I am living in the Twilight Zone, or somebody has been reading my blog.
Thank you NaBloPoMo!

Now I need 1,000,000 dollars.
Let's see if that one gets granted too.

I ended up going for an unintentional walk in the rain this afternoon. It was later than I had planned to take my lunch (time change, I guess) and as I walked out the door, it immediately started pouring. I didn't feel like staying inside, so I walked anyway. It was nice and now my hair is the envy of every 80's lead singer I can think of. Seriously, I saw Sammy Hagar the other night, and he's got NOTHING on me in the blonde 'fro department.
It's pretty insane.

This week, I am going to see two shows, and next week I have another on the bill. If only money were infinite, I would live in the damn theatre. But through many years of working full time in the theatre, I realize that freedom and friends are too important to have just Monday off.. so I guess I'll be a patron for a while.

And no Shane, I don't want to live in The Venus Project. The website for this thing reminds me of those weird LOST episodes involving that creeepy Dr.
Also, the research center is for sale which can't be a good sign.
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What to say? Today was a rough one.
I feel like a lot of big things are happening in people's lives right now.. my own included..
All this change is exciting and stressful.
Good luck to us all!

There were more maggots today. I am 98% done. One more maggot (apparently each maggot is 2% of doneness?) and I am packing up my shit and leaving. It will take me close to a month to pack all my shit.. so I should have plenty of time to find a nice street corner to live on.

I had hoped more people were NaBloPoMoing. My f-list reading has been a skoach light the past few months.
It's fine, you have lives, you are busy living them.. but if you could, just every once in while, post a little sum'n sum'n for those of us who hide in our rooms from wriggling larvae??? That would be super, thankssomuchm'kaysmooches!

If you are still reading at this points, congrats to you!
The sleeping an extra hour has kind of messed up my world. I don't like all this clock hoppin'.

Ugh, what a waste of an entry.
Better luck next time, I suppose.
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I'm doing NaBloPoMo!

So far, it's not fun at all!


Last night I went into the kitchen to make myself some dinner. I barely use our kitchen, and I may never use it again...

I walked over to the counter, moved the three dishrags on the counter, swept some rice off the counter and into the sink.. rinsed the dishes in the sink.. noticed the rice was wiggling.. shrieked.. noticed the sink was wriggling... gagged...
bleached the entire counter, the sink, the floor, my shoe (when I saw what was on the bottom of it) and threw everything in the dishwater on scald.

I then cleaned the walls (also wriggling) and threw away about a pound of meat that was left to rot in the drain. I turned on the faucet, turned on the garbage disposal, took out the trash, took a shower and tried to pretend that I had not just seen nearly one side of my kitchen covered in maggots.

I can't stand how icky this house is. I can't believe I live here. Is the cheap rent worth it?

On the opposite side of the spectrum was the house I went to today. My friends have just bought a house in Novato. It is beautiful! Today was a combo housewarming and baby shower party.
They laid some beautiful tile in the back room and painted the walls and put their touch on the place. It feels like a real home the minute you walk in. On top of that, my friend and her sister (7 and 9 months pregnant respectively) prepared Jumbalaya, chicken wings, pumpkin spice cupcakes, coleslaw, fruit salads aaaaaand amazing antipasta for 100 people. They also made favors for each of us to take home.

I used to have a home I could bring people over to visit in. I used to have a small apartment, but it was mine and I was not ashamed of it.

I think I've made my decision.

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