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acting, alice in wonderland, altered books, anachronism, animals, art, being less bitchy, bettas, books, buffy, cars, cats, certain shades of pink, cheshire cats, chief, claiming my irish heritage, clean underwear, coffee, costuming, crafting, crochet, csi, cute purses, discworld, disney pin trading, dragons, dreams, duran duran, fabulist, fantasy, flea markets, following recipes exactly, gargoyles, glowing in the dark, hating foam, hidden mickeys, home improvement shows, igor, keeping hydrated, knitting, l.e.d.s, lavender, loki, losing contact with people, lost, lucid dreams, maleficent, mazes, muppets, music, musicals, my aussie hubby, my ibook, my mom, neil gaiman, neopets, non-hangover vodka, noodles, not barfing, pez, poppets, pterry, re-connecting with people, reading, rifftrax, rockabilly culture, sci-fi, shakespeare, shoes, slings and arrows, snarking, snowths, spontaneous combustion, tea, terry pratchett, the cheat, theater, theatre, um, whedonesque, wrenches, your mom, zamboni, музыка
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