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Keanu Reeves impersonations? Still funny.
Drumming causes facial expressions not dissimilar to my own.
"Lamp Concussion" is likely to have it's own place in the show report.
I stayed awake the whole time, thankfully Athena was in this one too.
Tile-top tables are slippery and make me nervous.
Actors picking lint off of other actors makes me happy.
I want a persian rug/lamp living room.

Qualifications required to be cast in a Zimmerman show:

*Strong Acting
*Strong Dancing
*Strong Singing
*Additional Ethnic Dancing strongly encouraged
*Gymnasts welcome!
*Drumming is manditory
*Succesful applicant will be proficient in playing sitar, clarinet, percussion, some squeeze box accordian type thing and those gourds with the beads all over them.
*Must look good with shirt off (men and women). Must know it.
*Ability to lisp important for some roles, not sure why, but that's how we're doing things.
*Deep throaty voice very helpful
*Ability to yell and talk in time with other actors is for long periods of time gains larger role
*Carpet rolling and pillow tossing in rhythm, required
*Improv skills, most notably in the area of making up ridiculous stories about what is in a small bag are appreciated.
*Small women who can carry large men on their backs will get preference
*Ability to sit on old crotchety audience members is requested
*Ability to mime an old man flipping an egg will be tested at the audition
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