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Today, something at work that has to do with computers died. I have no idea how or what.. I do know that it prevented ANYONE in the whole company from logging on to their computer. Basically, the place just shut down.

We had a company meeting scheduled for 1:30, and our VP seemed determined to keep us there until after said meeting ended.

So, what did we do for 5+ hours?

Depending on where you sat, you were enlisted to:
-Roll paper beads on a toothpick
-Make creatures out of fuzzy pipe cleaners and felt
-Glue foam shapes into a book to make a picture of people BBQ-ing

I had the great honor of doing ALL FOUR at various points of the day.. but mostly I was involved with paper beads.
Rolling and gluing literally hundreds of tiny little strips of paper.
For hours.
And making 'rolling paper' jokes all the while.
I just got a text from Mr. M that read, "I still had glue on my thumb"... and I realized that I did as well. I would have noticed it sooner, but I can no longer feel my finger tips.. which is not a problem, right? Fingers are not for feeling or anything.
In an unrelated story, I am trying to see if 'nerve damage' is covered under my accidental dismemberment & injury plan.

The good thing about our sweat shop environment was that I was able to pull my chair up to various desks around the office and chat with my buddies for hours.
My boss is really fun, and being able to chat with her was good. We don't get to do that often.
With all the merriment, the day went by relatively quickly for everyone except the poor IT guy who was flown home from his vacation, yep you read that correctly, to fix the problem.
I am seriously impressed at his ability to not flip us all off all day long.
I was part of a team that made a peace offering in the form of a Grande no whip mocha.. but really, it wasn't enough for the crap he had to deal with today.

2008-11-26 05:42 (UTC)
by [identity profile]
Wait....I could have been making fuzzy creatures INSTEAD of paper beads?!!!


Today WAS fun, though. I really like being around people, it made me realise how lonely the Front Desk is.

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