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Jaime and I once had a discussion in which it was decided that if I were a reality show 'character', I'd be Mary Alice from Ace of Cakes.
(This was back before the short permy 'do she is now rocking.)
I hope that like myself, Mary Alice is able to get away from her phone job and run free throughout the office, or bakery... phone jobs can really get to a person after a while.
I see the poor girl who took over my old job. She's struggling, especially at this time of year. Can't say I miss those times, but honestly, I would help them out in a second if it meant a break from my current seating arrangement. One spends so much time at work. Little things can turn into big things if you aren't careful. Lately, I have been overly irritable. I am waiting for something it seems. I guess I know what it is, but getting restless is pointless. I have no control and no prediction of when anything is going to happen.
If I were more Santa Cruz, I'd go breathe somewhere.. or meditate. But I guess the Peninsula has rubbed off on me enough that I just want to shop.

I am texting Shane with election results as they happen, which is ridiculous, because he is at work.. in a television station.. so he probably already knows everything I am texting. This may explain why he isn't responding. But I feel it is part of my civic duty to keep him informed! And so on I text!

There is a serious chill going through my room. Brrrrrr. I would love to be eating at the Carnegie Deli right now. Touristy as it is, it's dang tasty! All those calories would make a food coma of epic proportions that I'd be happy to indulge in tonight.

*EDIT* I must apologize to any Venus Project supporters who stumbled across my last entry. We tease because we do not understand. And I don't understand you. So I tease. So there. Sorry.

2008-11-05 03:54 (UTC)
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Did you see? They're thinking of opening an LA shop, we could so get a cake from them! FOR A MILLION DOLLARS.

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