3 November 2008

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I came home and the kitchen was clean.
The trash had been taken out.
One of my roommates is vacuuming right now.

Either I am living in the Twilight Zone, or somebody has been reading my blog.
Thank you NaBloPoMo!

Now I need 1,000,000 dollars.
Let's see if that one gets granted too.

I ended up going for an unintentional walk in the rain this afternoon. It was later than I had planned to take my lunch (time change, I guess) and as I walked out the door, it immediately started pouring. I didn't feel like staying inside, so I walked anyway. It was nice and now my hair is the envy of every 80's lead singer I can think of. Seriously, I saw Sammy Hagar the other night, and he's got NOTHING on me in the blonde 'fro department.
It's pretty insane.

This week, I am going to see two shows, and next week I have another on the bill. If only money were infinite, I would live in the damn theatre. But through many years of working full time in the theatre, I realize that freedom and friends are too important to have just Monday off.. so I guess I'll be a patron for a while.

And no Shane, I don't want to live in The Venus Project. The website for this thing reminds me of those weird LOST episodes involving that creeepy Dr.
Also, the research center is for sale which can't be a good sign.

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